Install Theme

Le Miaou


Orphan Black on Men

  • Sarah Manning: literally breaks through a wall when a man tells her “there’s no way out”
  • Sarah again: smacks a misogynistic boy in the head when he attempts to objectify her
  • Cosima Niehaus: resists the commodification of her body, insisting “it’s my biology; it’s my decision.”
  • Rachel Duncan: uses success and authority to put her creator in his place
  • Detective Angela DeAngelis: follows the evidence and investigates her hunch despite Art’s efforts to stop her
  • Allison Hendrix: punches and kicks the men who try to take her, sprays mace when that fails, then blows rape whistle as a last resort
  • Sarah as Cosima Niehaus: demands what she deserves instead of merely accepting what’s on offer
  • Sarah again: chooses freedom over romance by punching her on/off lover in the face to escape Manning

(via rachie-skarsten)